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TTGBC welcomes the active participation of our Members whether this takes the form of contribution of new ideas for achieving our mission, expertise in related fields and endeavours, sharing information with the membership on products or services which are innovative with respect to sustainable development, or assistance with identified projects.

Members take advantage of numerous benefits which are described here.

We would be happy to have you on board if you do decide to become a member.


Cheque payments must be made payable to "TTGBC" or "TT Green Building Council." 

Member's Code of Conduct

The code is intended to provide membership with standards to guide their performance and conduct.

Members should uphold the integrity and dignity of the TTGBC.

All public activities associated with the TTGBC must be communicated to the Executive and approval granted.

Any compensation associated with such activities must be disclosed to the executive members before the activity. 

Members are not permitted to make public statements on behalf of the TTGBC unless formally approved by the Executive.

Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Green Building Council agree to the following:

  1. To promote the principles of Green Building
  2. To participate and support TTGBC activities and fundraising programs
  3. To campaign for the wider recognition of environmentally responsible building in order to lead market transformation.
  4. To support collaborative relationships with other local or global organizations/ institutions.


Our Members

TTGBC currently has a membership of ninety-eight (98) Company, Individual, and Student Members. This number continues to grow annually.

The Membership now comprises;

  • 49 Company Members
  • 47 Individual Members
  • 2 Student Members


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