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Volunteering is fun!

And we certainly could use your help!

Volunteer for Projects by providing Organisational Support or lending your Technical Expertise.

Or contribute to the ongoing Discussion via our Facebook page or contributing articles, photographs or other content for our Website.

Join a Committee to Volunteer today!


Public Policy

  1. Attend / Contribute at Stakeholder Meetings
  2. Collaborate on position statements, press releases and technical write-ups
  3. Help strategize


Training & Education

  1. Develop material to be presented
  2. Volunteer to offer training to members




Social Responsibility & Public Outreach

  1. Engage School Administration
  2. Assist with administration of School Competitions
  3. Sponsorship and fundraising campaigns
  4. Assist with planning
  5. Website Content Development



Business Forum

  1. Sponsorship and fundraising campaigns
  2. Assist with development of presentations
  3. Volunteer to present
  4. Assist with planning
  5. Assist with grant / proposal writing content